February 11-12, 2020

2018 ASC Summer Workshop & Field Day

Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
August 1, 2018 | 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

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Sponsored by the Iowa CCA Program

Coordinated by the Iowa CCA Education Committee, we invite you to 2018 ASC Summer Workshop & Field Day. Experts will join us at Kirkwood Community College to share their experiences with data collection and usage, alternative forage crops, nitrogen management options, and building soil health.

A full day of insights you can take straight to the field. You’ll earn 6 CEUs for this hands-on experience. Sessions run 55 minutes each. Register today, your farmer customers are counting on you!

Morning Field Day Demonstrations:

(Iowa Equestrian Center – 801 76th Ave Dr. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404)

Unique Forage Blends and Feed Values –  9 AM Group A | 10 AM Group B

This forage trial tests various silage crops for tonnage and feed value in conjunction with the Beef Program.  The goal is to expose young beginning farmers to alternative forage crops that may provide adequate feed for their livestock feeding operations. Blends include Oats & Field Pea, Corn & Sorghum, Teff Grass, Sudan Grass.

Precision Planting Technology – 9 AM Group A | 10 AM Group B

A custom built two-row plot planter complete with all the technology available from AGCO/Precision Planting showcases the tools and equipment available, how the system works, and performance improvements available to farmers.  Also provides insight on integration with Climate Field View for automatic record and data storage.

Nitrogen Management Trial Evaluations – 11 AM

Overview of on-farm trial evaluating different application methods for nitrogen fertilizer. Treatments include Broadcast Urea, Coulter UAN, Y Drop UAN, and a control.

Afternoon Workshop Sessions:

(KCC Horticulture Hall, Kirkwood Campus, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404)

N Application Variances in Well Water – 1 PM

A consortium of groups are testing wells by measuring groundwater N solution to determine if there are water quality differences between nitrogen application methods.

Spatial Analysis of Farm Data – 2 PM

Using data collected on farms can provide a better understanding of farming operations, changes that can be made in production methods, and potential increases in profitability.

Net Profit Mapping – Using coverage maps and application maps to understand how different field regions are more or less profitable.

Temporal Analysis – Understanding how farms are influenced by climate and variability from year to year. The creation of management zones and how to best manage these zones for profit.

Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health – 3 PM

A five-year study evaluating the use of cover crops to improve soil health. Metrics being evaluated and tested at regular intervals include chemical, physical, and biological effects within the soil. Kirkwood is a Soil Health Partnership site.